Simple - Elegant 


12 Years old Singleton whiskey mixed with elderflower liqueur and Sauvignon Blanc 

Our Petrus Spritz


Say NO to Aperol, try our Spritz based on Lychee infused rum, mandarin and prosecco

French Fries?


Twist on a whiskey sour with maple syrup, lemon and fried potato infused Bulleit bourbon 

Bloody Bloody…


Our twist on a Bloody Mary, tomato juice is smoked on Josper grill, and we add our homemade Ketel One vodka Nordic aquavit

The Water Of Life


Aloe juice, with fizzy grapefruit taste, peach liqueur and a splash of gin 

Bananamanana Old Fashioned


Great twist on an old fashioned cocktail. Johnnie Walker limited edition infused with dried banana and mixed with smoked vanilla syrup and some bitters

Mash Some Citrus


Citrusy and refreshing cocktail with salted caramel Don Julio Reposado, mandarin, lime, plum and grapefruit

Frozen Stone


Ciroc vodka infused with apple and orange is mixed with Aperol, mandarin and elderflower lemonade

Wake Me Up!


Ron Zacapa rum mixed with Pedro Ximenez sherry, espresso and chocolate Baileys, topped up with light almond foam



Tanqueray gin | Campari | Antica Formula vermouth

Back in Fashion

Ron Zacapa 23 | Pedro Ximenez sherry | Rhubarb bitter

Old Fashioned

Bulleit Bourbon | Sugar | Angostura bitter


Don Julio Blanco | Lime | Orange liquer

El Pedro

Don Julio Reposado | Lime | Salted caramel | Popcorn | Tabasco


Spiced Lychee Rum | Lime | Sugar


Tanqueray gin | Lemon | Sugar | Blackcurrant liquer

Whiskey Sour

Bulleit Bourbon | Lemon | Sugar | Egg white


Tanqueray gin | Campari | Antica Formula vermouth | Tonic

Gin Fizz

Tanqueray gin | Lemon | Sugar | Egg white | Soda

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