Our Petrus Spritz


Say NO to Aperol Spritz and try our Spritz based on Lychee-grapefruit infused rum, oranges and prosecco

The Water Of Life


Aloe juice, peach liqueur and Tanqueray gin with citrus fruits accents from lime juice and timut pepper



Bombay gin and Martini Ambrato, lime juice and homemade vanilla syrup special taste contrasts in one coctail

Spicy Papa


Rich, full-bodied, and even a bit spicy. That's because it's Don Papa Rum along with Angostura Bitter, lime juice and Demerara syrup

Peach Fizz


Delicate cocktail on Bombay gin with peach notes from Peachtree liqueur. It is supplemented with Simple syrup, lime juice, egg white, sparkling water and double cream

Lemon Drop


The combination of Stoli vodka, Cointreau liqueur, lime juice, Simple syrup and orange Cordial will make the most of your evening



The dream came true and now Tiramisu is not only a famous dessert, but also a delicious cocktail consisting of Espresso, Don Julio Reposado tequila, Baileys liqueur, Kahlua liqueur, Simple syrup and mascarpone. Served with Ladyfinger cookie, of course



Why do guests love Petruchio? It's just mix of Tanqueray gin, Aperol, lime juice, Simple syrup, Angostura Bitter and egg white



Tanqueray gin | Campari | Antica Formula vermouth

Old Fashioned

Bulleit Bourbon | Sugar | Angostura bitter


Don Julio Blanco | Lime | Orange liquer


Angostura Reserva Rum | Lime | Sugar


Tanqueray gin | Lemon | Sugar | Blackcurrant liquer

Whiskey Sour

Bulleit Bourbon | Lemon | Sugar | Egg white

Gin Fizz

Tanqueray gin | Lemon | Sugar | Egg white | Soda

Aperol Spritz

Aperol | Prosecco | Soda | Orange

Bloody Mary

Vodka Stoli | Tomato juice | Tabasco | Pepper | Lemon juice

Kir Royal

Prosecco | Blackcurrant liqueur


Vodka Stoli | Homemade passion fruit syrup | Homemade vanilla syrup | Lime juice | Prosecco | Fresh orange juice


Vodka Stoli | Cointreau liqueur | Cranberry juice | Lime juice

Black Russian

Vodka Stoli | Kahlua liqueur

White Russian

Vodka Stoli | Kahlua liqueur |Cream

Moscow Mule

Vodka Stoli | Lime juice | Stoli Ginger Beer

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