Vegetable soup


Seasonal vegetable soup with sorrel pesto and mushrooms

Salad with grilled chicken


Mixed leaf salad with grilled chicken, fresh vegetables and ash yogurt dressing


Mixed leaf salad with grilled cheese


Mixed leaf salad with grilled cheese and spicy tomato sauce

|Main dish|

Grilled chicken breast


Grilled chicken breast with rye bread BBQ + side dish to choose

Veal schnitzel


Veal schnitzel with plum sauce + side dish to choose

Grilled turkey hearts


Grilled turkey hearts with onion marmalade + side dish to choose

Pork loin


Pork loin on a bone + side dish to choose




Bangers with kimchi cabbage and spicy tomato sauce + side dish to choose

Black pudding


Black pudding with fried egg and broccolini + side dish to choose

Pearl barley risotto


Pearl barley risotto with seasonal vegetables and Latvian hard cheese

|Side dish to choose|

New potatoes

Butter beans

Fresh salad


Mashed potatoes

Young carrots

Pickled vegetables

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