Gravlax with baked celery, slowly cooked egg yolk, gin and lemon pickled cucumbers

Beef tartare


Beef tartare with salsify puree, slowly cooked egg yolks and smoked beetroot gel

Local herring


Local herring on beetroot cottage cheese pancakes and smoked sour cream

BBQ mushrooms


BBQ mushrooms with pan fried potatoes, smoked sour cream and garlic puree

Turkey hearts


Turkey hearts with baked celery puree, served with grilled salsify


Grilled beef with baby gem salad leaves


Grilled beef with baby gem salad leaves, onion marmalade, topped with honey and mustard dressing

Traditional “Vinaigrette” salad


Traditional “Vinaigrette” salad with marinated mushrooms, slowly cooked Jerusalem artichokes, kimchi cucumbers and roasted beetroot

Warm salad with baltic herrings


Warm salad with baltic herrings, kimchi-pomegranate sauce, hazelnuts and celery mayonnaise, served with pickled ginger

Local cheese and meat selection



Fish soup


Fish soup with mussels, beetroot leaves and seaweed

Traditional sour cabbage soup with venison


Traditional sour cabbage soup with venison, served with shot of Bloody Mary


Baked pumpkin soup


Baked pumpkin soup served with goat's cheese ice cream

|Main dishes|

Black dumplings


Black dumplings stuffed with zander, served with white wine and beetroot sauce,
sour cream and trout caviar on top

Fillet of catfish


Fillet of catfish with Brussels sprouts, fresh kohlrabi and pesto from Brussels sprouts and sunflower seeds

Salmon fillet


Salmon fillet with celery puree, pomegranate juice glazed baked beets and samphire

Cabbage rolls with catfish


Cabbage rolls with catfish, served with white wine sauce and cucumber marmelade and smoked sour cream




Mussels in white wine and dill sauce with grey peas and smoked bacon

Lamb tongues


Lamb tongues with pan-fried home potatoes, Brussels sprouts and mushrooms

Potato gnocchi


Potato gnocchi with Brussels sprouts, kimchi sauce, slowly cooked egg yolk, caramelized onion, local soft cheese and kale

Baked in spices late pear


Baked in spices late pear, served with pan-fried Jerusalem artichoke, salsify puree and samphire

|Josper - Grill|

*Side dishes and sauces are included to the price

”Christmas” grilled corn chicken, served with spiced pear


Beef fillet steak


Rib-Eye steak


Veal loin on a bone with pesto from Brussels sprouts



Sea-buckthorn glazed duck breast


Chateaubriand (for two) with 3 sauces and 3 side dishes at your choice


Rack of lamb (for two) with 3 sauces and 3 side dishes at your choice


|Side dishes| €4.50

Roasted potatoes with mushrooms and smoked sour cream

Hand cut chips with homemade celery mayonnaise

Pickled vegetables

Pomegranate juice glazed baked beetroot with horseradish sauce


Fresh vegetables with lemon dressing

Brussels sprouts with mustard and bacon

Kale with kimchi sauce

Traditional grey peas with smoked bacon

|Sauces| €2.50

Celery mayonnaise

Rye beer-based BBQ

Cranberry BBQ

Baked onion and dark beer BBQ


Pickled cucumbers and mustard sauce

Red wine and chokeberry sauce

Horseradish-cranberry sauce


Cranberry and rye bread mousse


Cranberry and rye bread mousse with quince foam, cranberry gel and vanilla ice cream

Baked apple stuffed with spicy crumble


Baked apple stuffed with spicy crumble, served with rum caramel cottage cheese ice cream


Chokeberry sponge cake


Chokeberry sponge cake with hazelnut cream, vanilla custard and chokeberry coulis

Petrus homemade ice cream


Selection of Petrus homemade ice cream with seasonal flavors of your choice

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