Sea buckthorn glazed shrimps


Sea buckthorn glazed shrimps, served with roasted pumpkin puree and almonds

Latvian appetizer with sprats


Latvian appetizer with sprats, young potatoes, kimchi cucumbers, slowly cooked yolk and horseradish and cranberry sauce

Mixed leaf salad with grilled chicken


Mixed leaf salad with grilled chicken, fresh vegetables and greek yogurt dressing


Fish soup


Fish soup with mussels, beetroot leaves and seaweed

Seasonal ceps mushroom soup


Pureed bell pepper-carrot soup


Pureed bell pepper-carrot soup with crispy carrots and balsamic vinegar-honey reduction

|Main dishes|

Roasted cod


Roasted cod with leek puree, seasonal mushrooms and salted cucumbers

Grilled salmon


Grilled salmon, served with pan-fried asparagus, marinated fennel and red cabbage puree




Mackerel with kimchi cucumbers and mashed potatoes

Pearl barley risotto


Pearl barley risotto with seasonal vegetables and Latvian hard cheese

|Josper - Grill|

*Side dishes and sauces are included to the price

Rye bread BBQ grilled chicken breast


Christmas spices marinated corn chicken, served with marinated pear



Pork loin on a bone


|Side dishes| €4.00

Hand cut chips

Pickled vegetables


Fresh vegetable salad

Baby potatoes

|Sauces| €2.50

Celery mayonnaise

Rye beer-based BBQ

Baked onion and dark beer BBQ


Horseradish-cranberry sauce



Cranberry and rye bread mousse


Cranberry and rye bread mousse with cranberry gel


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